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Busy and the Boy is a brand new online store featuring a hand-picked selection of the most cutting edge clothing for kids.

Dedicated to bringing together the very best, contemporary brands and pieces, Busy and the Boy aims to meet the needs of parents and kids who like a bit of attitude in their outfits.

The brainchild of Lana, mum to Ava (Busy) and Finn (the Boy), the online store has been designed to offer a curated collection with an emphasis on design and quality. Determined to find clothes that matched the fun, bold personalities of her kids, Lana set about finding pieces that offered striking designs, but that were also of a quality that will endure the most rigorous of kid testing. Pieces from brands such as Finger in the Nose and Ruff and Huddle sit alongside Mini a Ture and Wolf & Rita making it easy to choose an entire wardrobe both parents and kids will love.

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