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Chilpa's handmade Mexican scarves embody our belief in quality design made by people who get a fair price for their work. We are helping to provide sustainable employment for the artisans we work with and a future for this craft.

Every rebozo we sell is made in the traditional method either on a foot treadle loom, or a back-strap loom. We use organic dyes and 100% cotton, wool or silk of the best quality, grown locally and organically when possible. The rebozos are often made in family-run home-based workshops. Although time consuming, this method is eco-friendly and has a minimal environmental impact.

We work with three communities in Tenancingo, Oaxaca and Santa Maria del Rio - some of the last few places where rebozos are still made by hand and with natural fibres. At Chilpa we believe in giving back to these communities and we’re proud to be a social enterprise, donating 50% of all our profits to a fund established to preserve this tradition.

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