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"The Eco Print Boutique creates and delivers a wide array of traditional yet chic and innovative woman's ware, home d├ęcor, and accessories. In vintage or modern designs, we produce everything from dresses, hats, bags and scarves to pillows and framed prints.

Whether knitted, woven, or crocheted, the Eco Print Boutique's products are made of 100% natural fibres, including silk, cotton, linen, wool and hemp. The dyes and prints are designed by our dedicated team of textile designers without synthetic and animal products. Instead they use only local roots, leaves, and flowers. The textiles are then passed on to our seamstress who will produce each item individually with utmost care for detail.

Because each season brings new and different colours and shades, The Eco Print Boutique's patterns and designs are always changing. The authenticity of this process means that, when you buy from The Eco Print Boutique not only do you know that you are supporting a local community and way of life, but you know that you'll receive a truly unique and carefully crafted product every time.

The Eco Print Boutique was set up by Intrecci, a cooperative that unites established textiles designers, farmers, and non-profit social enterprises to bring you dresses, textiles and accessories woven from natural fibres printed and dyed with leaves, flowers and roots"

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