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Brill and Ben subvert antique and vintage table linens with embroidery and specialise in unique and one off embroidered tablecloths, napkins and aprons upcycled with Tot Brill's original designs.

Tot had a light bulb moment in a little seaside shop. Surrounded by a mass of cute embroidery she thought that if she never saw an embroidered cup cake or a puppy on a tea cosy it wouldn't be a minute too soon.

Brill and Ben celebrates the colour intensity of thread and the creativity of embroidery: the way embroidery can follow a pattern repeat or deviate just when it wants. Brill and Ben plays with the way embroidery can mimic other forms of pattern and art. Each napkin, tablecloth and apron is unique; the combination of gorgeous old textiles with original embroidery means that you can be sure that they will make your dining astounding, your eating ethical and will be treasured as future heirlooms.

Tot loves old blackwork embroidery, rock carvings, steel engravings, graffiti, tattoos and the works of E. A. Poe and these are reflected in the range of designs she makes.

Bill and Ben promise, no puppies and absolutely no cup cakes.

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