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galapagos is a new creative store bringing vintage furniture to the forefront of furniture design. founded in 2013 by lucy mortimer, a lifelong design addict with a career firmly grounded in environmental conservation, it aims to provide high design products without the environmental impact.

inspired by charles darwin’s travels to the galapagos islands, where rare and unique species evolved, the galapagos brand represents a survival of the fittest in furniture design. we believe its possible to make choosing and buying vintage furniture as easy as buying new.

using iconic designs from our past, we upcycle furniture by carefully stripping away old fabrics & finishes, and bringing them to life with fabrics from the best new british designers around. we seek out pieces produced in small factories in europe and the uk, and bring them back into useful existence in full glory.

finding these pieces is the key to our success: we are not just a vintage furniture store, we are a brand, so a big part of our strategy is developing great supply chains for our range of products, and being able to supply the same product in a range of fabrics and finishes, just like a high street retailer. although its more difficult for us than buying new products direct from manufacturers, by sourcing beautiful post-war furniture this way we can provide our clients with a great piece of furniture immediately and in a huge range of colours and fabrics, whilst giving our customers the satisfaction of getting a fresh-as-a-daisy, iconic chair that hasn’t used new timber, electricity, or fuel when its shipped across the seas. and to us, that makes sense!

working with new designers is part of the joy of galapagos too. we have chosen to launch our summer 2013 range using the fabulous designs of korla, a textile and design house in london that creates bold, evocative prints on high-quality, natural interior textiles. the korla range exemplifies all we love about modern design! we also use amazing fabrics by traditional british companies bute and alfred moon to complete the range. if you see a piece you’d like in a different colour, let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to you in days, rather than weeks.

we appreciate others who think like us, so if you have a product that’s up-cycled, re-purposed or produced with environmentally sound materials we’d love to hear from you. and if you like our products, or have suggestions, let us know!

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