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k.birdy designs for people who seek stylish, high-quality pieces for home.

Launched in 2014, our first collection of unique hand drawn prints: explores the textural surface of handwoven silk, magnifies its finest details and presents these on a lush smooth satin silk.

Envisaged when designer Kiersty, raised in Australia and now living in Lancashire, England, downed tools as an interactive designer and took 12 months of a creative sabbatical, to travel. She set off clutching an unwieldy 20 kilograms and shed to a small backpack. It was a shift in mindset and inspired the k.birdy concept: to express style using less.

Influenced by minimalist and clean-lined design, yet drawn to the intrigue of surfaces: interlocking loom threads, weathered temple walls, rickety bamboo fences and rusting rooftops. k.birdy designs originate from snail-travel and time spent getting to know somewhere.

Working where possible with local suppliers to source materials and services, k.birdy products are made in the UK.

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