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Lilie Design is a lifestyle brand offering a range of luxury, contemporary home decor and textiles, with a global appeal, to enhance our modern lifestyles. Using locally sourced, natural materials, Lilie Design brings a modern and urban twist to the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

Each piece in this collection is sustainable sourced and handmade in Gabon by artisans working in small communities who use traditional techniques and craftsmanship to design and create this beautiful range of products. Each artist is uniquely skilled in specific techniques and possesses a deep understanding of the materials used in their creations. Their knowledge has been passed to them for generations and forms a strong link with their ancestral traditions.

The Lilie Design collection offers a varied and second-to-none range of pieces which include sculptures, throws, pictures and frames, cushions and many more; all of exceptional quality. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted from materials, which are carefully selected to fit the design.

“With the fair trade demand growing steadily by 30% year on year, Lilie Design wanted to offer a choice of unique decor pieces to responsible consumers. This has been made possible by the sourcing of local Gabonese artisans, who use ancient techniques and materials to create their art.” commented Lisiane Ndong, Founder of Lilie Design.

The pieces offered by Lilie Design enable to show a distinctive and unique personality by creating an interior inspired by a mix of cultures. “I have decided to pursue my passion for design and home decor to show the beautiful creations of African craftspeople. My curiosity for new things, and a desire to draw on cultures, allows me to blend African craftsmanship with interior design. I simply want to give a modern twist to my own heritage and tradition,” added Lisiane Ndong, who draws her inspiration from her Gabonese and French upbringing.

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