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Artists and furniture makers have collaborated for hundreds of years. Reclectic’s fusion of imagery, handpainted cutting-­‐edge technique and vintage style, transformed into art furniture, is our collaborative effort.

Founded in 2014, Reclectic fuses vintage furniture with artistic imagery inspired by those pieces. Each image chosen tells either an imagined story of the furniture's heritage or evokes the time in which it was originallybuilt. Some images are chosen purely for what the piece of furniture conjures up in our imagination – a curiosity about what was inside it, beyond it, what we might discover upon opening it? We have developed a ground-breaking technique based on streetart. By using cutting-edge technology, we are able to handpaint our images onto the furniture which results in a pixelated effect.

This is art furniture but it is also functional furniture and each piece is unique. A dash of rocket science combined with good old-fashioned vintage handcraft!

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