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Simone Micallef

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I design and produce by hand all my work. My designs are singular but varied and have numerous roots in my own life and experience but overall, they reflect my concern to bring out the beauty of the materials I work with and use this to brighten people's lives. My clients appreciate the magic of the metal and stones with which I communicate and many are faithful for long periods of time, enjoying the changes in focus and style as they occur. I work on the precious metals I use so that the two elements come to complement each other and to form an organic whole. As a result, most of my pieces are unique in some degree, just as stones tend to be. Women may try many of them but recognise their own when it comes alive on them. Finding the right home for each piece gives me the greatest pleasure.

All the necklace stones are carefully selected, redrilled and burred and then individully knotted to maximize their quality and longevity. All the pieces are hallmarked.

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