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Uuni are a product design company based in South East London. We design products fuelled by a passion for homemade food and a love of simple design. We launched our first revolutionary product in 2012 -Uuni a small, fast and affordable wood-fired oven. Created to allow anyone to have authentic wood-fired food without the need for a large, costly installation of a traditional oven. As we move forward we continue to develop new products remaining true to the key Uuni ingredients - usefulness, great design, simplicity and affordability.

Uuni Wood-Fired Oven (£189) The small, fast and affordable wood-fired oven was created by the London-based Finnish designer Kristian Tapaninaho in a response to a gap in the market. Uuni 2, is a shiny new improved model that focuses on ease of use. Uuni 2 is smaller than a carry-on suitcase but nevertheless it’s impact has been significant. It boasts customers around the world, has been featured in global design and lifestyle publications and is stocked by prestigious retailers such as Selfridges. Uuni 2 is made out of durable stainless steel. It runs off wood pellets. Simply light the Uuni and within 10 minutes it reaches temperatures of 450°C (840°F) allowing you to cook awesome pizza in only 2-3minutes. Uuni 2 is adjustable offering users the opportunity to cook a huge range of dishes that require lower temperatures and slower cooking times too. As well as being great for pizza- Uuni 2 is brilliant for fish, roast vegetables, meats and even desserts.

Uuni Stack (£29.50) Uuni Stack makes dough proving organised and easy. Comprised of 3 glass bowls and a wooden lid Uuni Stack is the perfect size for proving pizza dough. The multi-use product, looks great in any kitchen and is also super handy for cooking prep and stylish storage. The wooden lid doubles up as a small chopping board too!

Uuni Pizza Peel (£14.50) Folks can buy their own Uuni Pizza peel. The Uuni 2 comes with one but if you want a peel without getting an Uuni they work with any domestic oven too. They’re £14.50 and are really the only option to sliding pizza’s into your oven in style

Uuni:Perfect for Christmas and beyond!

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