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Vitoria-Regia Jewellery

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Vitoria-Regia is a hand-made jewellery company based in London with first collection launched on October 2013. Ilza Lima is the heart and skill behind Vitoria-Regia jewellery and the pieces deliver unique elegance through each individual creation.

The concept of Vitoria-Regia is a combination of traditional folk handcraft crochet technique with the art of jewellery making. The pieces are hand-made, prepared from scratch, crocheted out of meters of silver sterling and gold plated wire. The crocheted piece is later finely set in silver or brass and the final product is an exceptional unique and elegant piece of jewellery.

The inspiration behind naming the company Vitoria-Regia came from a plant native to the waters of Amazon River in her native Brazil, as well as most pieces in the collection which are inspired in nature, stars, and constellations and so on. Vitoria-Regia pieces seek to convene the lively exuberance of city life while conjuring up the unspoiled rawness of Brazilian nature.

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