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Whitebeam Studio was launched in 2013 by English artist/designers Holly AllenCooper and Diana Allen. Now working between London and Brooklyn New York, our European arts background draws on modernist art, sculpture and contemporary architecture.

Our professional experience combines metal and ceramic sculpture, photography, product and graphic design. Our references are found in bauhaus era geometry and modernist design, ‘point and line to plane’ interpreted in stainless steel, sterling silver and porcelain jewelry, textiles and works on paper.

Diana and her daughter Holly collaborate across the collection - spanning the generations adding a diverse mix of references and concepts, and a fresh perspective to the creative process. Our jewelry is founded in contemporary minimalism and characterized by an experimental approach to industrial materials and techniques. Initially hand drawn, each design is refined through multiple stages then made by hand in small editions at our Brooklyn studio.

At East London Design Show 2014 we are exhibiting our stainless steel jewellery collections and the first of our Living Space accessories, textiles inspired by the original graphics on the Orbit pendants, printed and made by hand in the UK. Little Whitebeam, our first children's collection, follows in 2015.

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